NWSC Agencies Meet at Utility Court to address legal challenges faced by the utility sector to Curb Delays in Exhausting Cases


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At a recent meeting convened at Buganda Road Court, National Water was among the agencies represented to address challenges faced at the Utility Court. The meeting was chaired by Her Worship, Lady Gladys Kamasanyu, and was attended by representatives from other agencies, including Uganda Wildlife Authority, and National Environment Management Authority.

Lady Gladys highlighted a lack of awareness about the court’s mandate among many people who assume that the court handles minor cases. She called for more awareness to be created about the offences, consequences, and implications of committing any offence(s).

Senior Legal Officer-KW, Counsel Brownie Ebal, who represented NWSC, appreciated the Utility Court for the great work and support they are rendering to NWSC. She however noted some of the challenges faced by NWSC, including but not limited to; misplaced court files by court orderlies and long adjournments awarded to hearings.

Ms. Ebal invited the Utility Court to visit NWSC facilities for a better understanding of the corporation’s operations, thereby giving them a wider picture of the investments put into ensuring customers enjoy clean water at an affordable cost.

“If the Utility Court visited NWSC facilities, it would be easier to rule on cases related to water theft, vandalism, and impersonation”, she said.

The Chairperson, Her Worship Lady Gladys Kamasanyu, appreciated Ms. Ebal’s submission and promised to work on them to avoid delays in the justice process. The attendees were reminded that every Ugandan/entity has a right to a fair hearing, and there ought to be no delays in the process.

The court, which was established in 2017 as part of Uganda’s efforts to improve access to justice and promote economic growth by addressing legal challenges faced by the utility sector, provides a forum for resolving legal disputes related to utilities in a timely and efficient manner.


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