Former Pastor Claims 17 Recovered Children Are His Biological Children


The Territorial Police in KMP North and Wakiso division, have obtained samples of DNA, from a one Amos Betungura, a former pastor, after he claimed to be the father of the 17 children, aged between 1-6 years, who were recovered from Nkoowe village, Kaliti parish in Mende sub county in Wakiso district, as they were being transported to Mbarara district, where the former pastor hails from. The tests with be run against the samples picked from the 17 children, to determine whether they match or not. The children, with the help of the probation officer and CFPU – Wakiso, are being taken care of in a shelter home.

So far 6 suspects are in custody and these include; Amos Betungura, Nayebare Carolina, Ashaba Dina, Tusasirwe Betty, Komuhangi Junick and Loy. During the interrogation the suspect admitted that due to marital problems and additional challenges from his pastoral work, after his church was closed during the first COVID-lockdown, he decided to place his children under the care of some of his relatives, after failing to provide for them in terms of feeding, school, medication and clothing among others. Exhibits of broken sticks, burnt plastics, clothes and beddings were recovered from the rented premises at Nkoowe village.

If we establish that he gave false and misleading information to the police to protect himself or someone else, we shall charge him, with giving false information and obstruction of justice. But if it is established that he is truly the biological father, to the 17 children, we shall charge him with failure to provide basic necessities to his children and their mothers.


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