DELIVERING TO THE PROMISE; Nakivubo Completion could be alittle late but Hamis Kiggundu is Almost Delivering His Stadium Promise


Local sports and its development deserves better and its dependent on how best we invest in sports facilities and infrastructure.

The feeling is that the more the sports infrastructure the more talent identification, nurturing and development the country can do.

The existing ones are not enough and not in the best shape.

Government has not come out to the rescue of the sports subsector wholly with deliberate plans to undertake such situations with more funding.

Besides the Government, that ought to encourage able individual and corporate entities to invest in sports amenities development somewhat don’t know the current situation.

This is the reason, it remains a big concern for the populous and a big stumbling block for affluent sports development in the country.

That aside, the filthy rich personalities have also done little to join hands in the struggle of construction and preservation of sports amenities.

Instead, they jump in to build arcades in spaces where the country had some bare ground fields, and erect arcades.

Maintenance of the existing sports facilities has also been a missing link as many fields have been thrown to the dogs.

Not all is lost however. Some really good hearted individuals exist for sports and its development.

With belief that Nakivubo Stadium in the heart of Kampala City will be upgraded to a modern stadium going by plans unveiled by young billionaire Hamis ‘Ham’ Kiggundu, there is hope that Uganda will acquire its second all-seater stadium after Namboole by the close of 2023.

Nakivubo, also tagged War Memorial stadium has started taking shape years after city businessman, Hamis Kiggundu promised to deliver the sports facility fully redevelop.

He contracted Roko Construction Company, which started work earlier in 2017.

The young businessman-Kiggundu has been in public for the wrong reasons being criticism for deliberately delaying the construction of the stadium and focusing on the arcades and shopping malls around the stadium.  

The project having been delayed by the Covid Pandemic, there is today, positive results with the status of the stadium, being almost 80 percent work completed including the VIP Pavilion.

This is good news to clubs like Sports Club Villa and Police FC who formally used this stadium as home.

Once completed the stadium is expected to host over 35000 people. The stadium will also host other sports such as athletics, Netball and bodybuilding.

It will provide an alternative venue for sporting activities.


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