CityBlue Hotels Opens In South Sudan and Tanzania


CityBlue Hotels, Africa’s fastest-growing local hotel chain, has signed management agreements and commencement of operations from July 2023 of the CityBlue Panorama Hotel & Suites, Juba, South Sudan and Urban by CityBlue, Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The CityBlue Panorama Hotel & Suites in Juba is a 72-key property upscale mid-market property located in the airport zone in Juba, South Sudan while Urban by CityBlue in Dar es Salaam is a boutique 65-key lifestyle property with a rooftop restaurant.

Andat Ghidey, director of the development company owning the CityBlue Panorama Hotel & Suites, said that CityBlue Hotels has developed a defined strategy of covering all East African markets, making it a natural partner to expand alongside.

“CityBlue has a clear and distinguished history in East Africa – with properties in every city. Juba is the only market it is yet to penetrate. We will support CityBlue in the South Sudanese market across rooms, food, beverage and conferencing”.

Khalil Hamadi, director of the property company behind Urban by CityBlue, Dar es Salaam, said that CityBlue had worked closely with its partners in Tanzania since 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and he strongly believes that the business plan will now turn into reality.

“Every member of CityBlue understands their role and we are almost ready to turn this partnership into a new dawn for the hotel market on the peninsula of Dar es Salaam”.

Jameel Verjee, Founder & CEO of CityBlue Hotels, said “Our homework has been done and we have a fantastic team which understands African hospitality. We are focused on results – in terms of occupancy, rates, ESG targets, customer satisfaction, stakeholder support and human resource development. Juba and Dar es Salaam are two exciting markets and we proud to have such partners.”


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