CIDI, NWSC and Stakeholders Attend Dialogue to Address Water Sanitation and Hygiene Issues in Schools and Communities 


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The Community Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI) recently organized a half-day dialogue focused on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) issues in schools and communities.

The purpose of the dialogue was to bring attention to key WASH issues and gather responses from critical duty bearers, such as the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

The event was well-attended by key stakeholders, including Nakawa East MP Ronald Balimwezo, Mayor Nakawa Division Paul Mugambe, representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Public Health, the town clerk, and representatives from 14 primary schools, among others.

Several issues were raised during the meeting, including inadequate safe and clean water in communities, high water tariffs, improper solid waste management, poor drainage systems, limited public toilets, and insufficient community involvement in the budgeting and planning process.

It’s worth noting that CIDI is implementing a WASH project titled “Action for Improved WASH in schools amidst COVID-19 in Nakawa division,” which aims to enhance school WASH in seven selected schools and foster school-WASH advocacy at the local and national levels in Uganda.

Representatives from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, including BasajjaSiraggi, Manager of Urban Pro-Poor Services, and Kadama Alfred, were present and discussed the KW LV WATSAN package 5B project.

The project aims to construct toilet facilities in urban pro-poor areas of Kampala, including schools and markets.

They also highlighted plans to address water-related issues by installing more prepaid water meters and PSPs, as well as implementing new technology into prepaid meters to improve customer convenience.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation encouraged community involvement in decision-making processes as KW streamlines its urban pro-poor services. The meeting also addressed essential topics, such as water tariffs, new connection procedures, and the integration of NWSC online services, including e-billing and e-payment options.

During the meeting, Nakawa East MP Ronald Balimwezo expressed his gratitude to NWSC for its continuous support in providing water and sanitation services to communities.

He explained to the stakeholders the process and costs involved in water production, including labor, electricity, and the acquisition of chemicals that NWSC has to incur before the water is supplied to customers.

He advised that, as it is the rainy season, people can take advantage of harvesting rainwater to reduce their water-related expenditures. The National Water and Sewerage Corporation plays a critical role in ensuring access to safe and clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene practices for communities. As demonstrated in the WASH dialogue, NWSC is committed to addressing water and sanitation challenges in schools and communities through innovative solutions, thus ensuring a healthier and more sustainable living.


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