Tunisia: issuance of the first AfCFTA Certificate of Origin


In a significant stride towards the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Tunisia has successfully issued its first Certificates of Origin.

These certificates were recently delivered to two Tunisian companies operating in the chemical and food industries. The exports are destined for the Cameroonian market, a key target for Tunisian products in the burgeoning South-Desert African region.

This milestone highlights Tunisia’s commitment to leveraging the benefits of AfCFTA and tapping into new opportunities for trade and economic growth.

With the issuance of these Certificates of Origin, Tunisia takes a substantial step towards fully integrating into the operational framework of the AfCFTA. The certificates play a pivotal role in facilitating trade under the agreement by granting Tunisian institutions access to preferential tariff cuts, ultimately leading to a 0% tariff rate within two years. Tunisia’s active participation in the “Guided Trade” initiative, alongside countries like Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, underscores its dedication to maximizing the potential of the AfCFTA.

The delivery of the certificates took place during a meeting held at the Tunis Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Attended by key stakeholders including the Chairman of the Chamber and representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Export Development, the event also saw the remote participation of the Tunisian Ambassador to Cameroon, the Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon, a representative from the AfCFTA Secretariat, and representatives from the German agency, GIZ. The presence of these diverse participants highlighted the importance attached to this achievement and the collaborative efforts being made to boost trade between Tunisia and African markets.

The delivery of the Certificates of Origin signify the immense potential for Tunisian products and services in the African market. Tunisia’s inclusion in the “Guided Trade” initiative paves the way for increased trade exchanges, promoting economic development and strengthening bilateral ties. Encouraging economic actors to seize these opportunities, the meeting emphasized the need for Tunisian institutions across all sectors to actively engage in the African market. Furthermore, plans for digitizing the certificates and their circulation among various chambers of industry will streamline trade processes and enable seamless access for Tunisian businesses in the future.


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