Political Actors Warned Against Holding Unlawful Assemblies And Processions


By our reporter

On the 16.01.2023, selected Politicians and Change Agents, announced plans to hold unlawful assemblies and country wide political demonstrations, as a way of causing change in government. The key planners include Politicians like Col (Rtd), Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, Hon. Erias Lukwago and others. Similar announcements were made last year, where a few violent protesters were arrested and charged to court, under the guise of peaceful demonstrations.

The alleged peaceful demonstrations claimed by the perennial actors, have never been peaceful. They do not liaise with the police to ensure the smooth conduct of their public meetings and processions. And have always hijacked the Constitutional right to assemble, to instead engage in violent criminal acts and destruction of public safety, by looting property from roadside shops, disruption of traffic, vandalism of vehicles and buildings, damaging of roads, (through burning of tyres), pelting police officers and hurling molotovs (petrol bombs), at them, and other violent acts,

And while the Police and Sister Security Agencies do support and safeguard all constitutionally protected activity and civil rights, we shall not allow any activities with a potential of violence to take place, including the unlawful assemblies, mentioned above.

Therefore, any violent acts committed in any part of the country, under the guise of peaceful protests, shall be swiftly disrupted, investigated, perpetrators arrested and charged to court. We also call upon the public to help us identify actors who are actively mobilizing and instigating violence within the community, to contact the National Operations Command Centre on 0776999136. We continue to ensure the rights of Ugandans to peace, security and safety, are not disrupted by self-seeking politicians.


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