CNOOC Uganda donates to Entebbe needy children


CNOOC Uganda Limited together with contractors of the Kingfisher Oilfield Project, have donated to the Entebbe Children Welfare School, an educational institution serving the vulnerable and disadvantaged children with different disabilities.

Recognizing the importance of education in fostering a brighter future for Uganda’s youth and children, CNOOC Uganda Limited and its contractors have come together to support the Entebbe Welfare School.

This contribution is a testament to their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their ongoing efforts to education more accessible and comfortable to the students at Entebbe Children Welfare School.  

The donation includes a financial contribution that will aid in the improvement of the school’s infrastructural facilities and educational resources, ensuring that students have access to a conducive learning environment.

CNOOC Uganda Limited led the drive where contractors of the Kingfisher Oilfield donated a total of US $500,000 in cash (US$50,000 from China Construction, US $150,000 from COOEC and CPECC, US$150,000 from Daqing Oil Field Company and US$150,000 from COSL). CNOOC Uganda Limited also donated souvenirs to the school.

Hu Weijie, the Vice President of CNOOC Uganda Limited, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership and the shared vision of empowering Ugandans through education.

“At CNOOC Uganda Limited, we believe in the transformative power of education. By investing in the Entebbe Children Welfare School, we aim to enhance the learning experience and provide opportunities for students to excel academically. We are honored to collaborate with our contractors and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the vulnerable children who represent the future of Uganda,” said Weijie.

The Entebbe Municipal Council leadership and the Children Welfare School administration expressed their gratitude for the generous donation, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the institution and its students. The additional resources will be used to construct classrooms and staff housing.

CNOOC Uganda Limited and its contractors remain committed to fostering sustainable development in Uganda through responsible business practices and community engagement. This donation to the Entebbe Children Welfare School aligns with their overarching mission to support local initiatives and uplift communities and thereby fulfilling its mission of oil for better life.


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